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The following article was written by Karen Mahoney at the Catholic Herald 

“One of the greatest challenges to this project is ensuring relevancy in today’s culture of intense media saturation, explained Mandli. While some mistakenly assume the rosary is a prayer left to the grandmotherly types, it is a devotion for all ages.

“It is our job to depict this relevancy to young people, husbands and fathers and families,” she said. “Our desire through this film would be that more men lead their families in praying the rosary and that more young people pick up their rosary as they discern their vocation or seek the guidance of the Lord.””

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“This a powerful movie…enjoyed it so much and have watched it a couple of times”

– Taryn

“We love the DVD – Power in My Hands. We have sponsored several

viewings within our parish already.”

– Renee

“A powerful movie and a must see for all, especially Catholics who may not have

a devotion to the Holy Rosary, the spiritual weapon for our day”

– Anthony

“Thank you so very much for this great apostolate you are involved in.”

– Sister Denise

“It will be my primary gift to my loved ones this Christmas. Such a great movie!

– Laurie

“That should be a great inspiration to all the football men!!”

– Susan

The following article was written by Most Reverend Jerome E. Listecki, Archbishop of Milwaukee

“Last Thursday evening, I attended another premiere showing. This time, it was closer to home, both in distance and to my heart. The film was “The Power In My Hands,” a testimonial tribute to the Rosary. It was the creation of the Rosary Evangelization Apostolate, Dick and Terry Boldin, with tremendous technical advice from Margie Mandli. The film presented a number of testimonials to the Rosary from all walks of life (a football star, a family, a young married couple, a mother, deacons, a lay evangelizer), and even some recognizable members of our archdiocese who attribute the power of the Rosary to the transformation and shaping of their lives.”

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The following article was written by Joseph Pronechen at National Catholic Register

Familiar figures inspire us, move us, show us hope and what we must do to achieve it in this riveting film.

“After two-and-a-half-years in production, the film Power in My Hands had two power-packed premieres in April — the world premiere in Milwaukee followed by the West Coast premiere in Los Angeles. The message is as timely as today and ancient as a millennium ago.”

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The following article was written by

“With an enthusiastic endorsement from their episcopal and spiritual advisors, the Rosary Evangelization Apostolate has produced the film, Power In My Hands, that will unveil the beauty and power of the Rosary in response to the prevailing spiritual crisis in our culture in America and beyond. This film is a story of hope and the power of prayer.”

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