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The following article was written by Marc Massery at Marian Helper 

“Two films, one short segment, and an Emmy Award all within the span of two years. The conversion story of Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, continues to have a powerful impact on the world, reminding us about the Blessed Virgin Mary’s knack for bringing people to Christ.”

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“It’s amazing how God turns people around”

– Jennifer

“You don’t need to be a ‘former Protestant’ to pray the Rosary. I’m a very active

current Lutheran andI’ve been praying the Rosary for years.

We’re on the same team. We wear the same Jersey for Jesus Christ.”

– Mike

“Dick and Mary, this looks fantastic!”

– Bishop Ricken

“I missed the showing but heard from a friend of a different faith it was extremely powerful.”

– Joan

“Fantastic conversion story!”

– Susan

The following article was written by Becky Roach at Catholic Link

“Looking back, I only have one regret from our wedding. The day was filled with joy, family, friends, a beautiful Mass, and plenty of dancing, but every time I go to a wedding I’m reminded of the one thing that we did not do at ours and it breaks my heart.”

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“We watched on EWTN recently and thought it was wonderful” – Joe

“I am thinking of using this DVD as part of a Rosary seminar for my parish St. John Vianney” – James

“It was wonderful – inspired” – Sheldon

“I recently viewed the movie, Power in my Hands.  It was fantastic! “ – Karen

“I watched on EWTN. Powerful movie. I am also going to purchase 2 copies. 1 to keep and one to share.” – Mary

“Just watched the film. It was well done and I will buy a copy for our bible study to watch.” – Susan

The following article was written by Becky Roach at Catholic Exchange 

“It’s stories like Nancy Salerno’s that truly convict people of the power of the rosary. Nancy shares about the grief she felt as a young mother when she lost one of the twins she was carrying and the other was born with cerebral palsy. Struggling to deal with the pain of her loss while raising her three young children and caring for a newborn baby in need of medical attention, Nancy was led to the Holy Rosary. Nancy exudes peace and joy throughout the film. The kind of peace and joy that surpases all understanding and is very appealing for those facing trials of their own.”

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“Thank you for doing this great work too. The world can use so much more of this…”

– Chris

“I’m going to see if I can find some copies, buy them and give them to my relatives! It was that good!”

– Jan

“I was able to see Power In My Hands on EWTN this week!

What a great and powerful testament to the Rosary. I am spreading the information!

– Mary

“Powerful testimony!”
– Estela

“I wanted to send a little message to congratulate you on the completion of your film!

All the love, time and energy to put together a film for Our Lady! May God bless you abundantly.”

– Erin

Breaking News Story on Power In My Hands

After 2 ½ years in production, a major feature film on the rosary, Power In My Hands, launched with a World Premiere in Milwaukee on April 12 with 1,400 people attending. This was followed with a tour with major regional premieres in Los Angeles, Portland, Houston, Atlanta and concluding in New York City on July 12. This was followed with 9 broadcasts on various television networks. The film has now been launched on DVD distribution across the country and also into various other countries.

On November 12, 2018, Archbishop Jerome Listecki of Milwaukee and Dick and Terry Boldin of the Rosary Evangelization Apostolate had the honor of holding a screening of Power In My Hands at the USCCB Fall gathering in Baltimore with 50 Bishops attending the screening. The response was uplifting and a great source of encouragement.

The following article was written by Sr. Hosea Rupprecht at Pauline Media

“What do an NFL player, the mom of child with cerebral palsy, an atheist turned priest, a father of a family estranged from his own dad, a radio show host, and a country musician all have in common? They have all grown closer to Jesus Christ through the intercession of the Blessed Mother Mary by praying the Rosary.”

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The following article was written by Karen Mahoney at the Catholic Herald 

“One of the greatest challenges to this project is ensuring relevancy in today’s culture of intense media saturation, explained Mandli. While some mistakenly assume the rosary is a prayer left to the grandmotherly types, it is a devotion for all ages.

“It is our job to depict this relevancy to young people, husbands and fathers and families,” she said. “Our desire through this film would be that more men lead their families in praying the rosary and that more young people pick up their rosary as they discern their vocation or seek the guidance of the Lord.””

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